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Christmas in Rome : Lauds and oratorios

Doulce Mémoire invite you to attend a prayer vigil in Rome’s popular Trastevere district in the early seventeenth century. This music, immediate in its charm, comes within the context of the Counter-Reformation in Rome.

Angels, shepherds, exotic mages, a donkey, an ox, a humble lodge… The Nativity scene is entirely narrated in the oratorios of Anerio while the folk, enthralled by this mystery, sings the Animuccia lauds. A sensual music which seduces forthwith in order to reclaim souls tempted by the RPR ( reformed religion ).

This program may include an amateur choir.


Véronique Bourin, soprano
Clara Coutouly, soprano
Paulin Bündgen, alto
Hugues Primard, tenor
Olivier Coiffet, tenor
Marc Busnel, bass

Elisabeth Geiger, organ

Denis Raisin Dadre, direction

Doulce Mémoire