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Music at the court of Henri VIII

The Court of England during the reign of Henry VIII was one of the most famous musician in Europe, and the recorder was a very popular instrument. In this program, Doulce Mémoire evokes the richness of the English repertoire of the Renaissance:
The famous Lachrimae pavane of Dowland, after the song Flow my tears, and the whole series of these beautiful melodies that cross the time, these ballads tunes: Fortune, Go from my window, pretext for all the improvisations, and then this piece extremely strange, Upon la mi re a double ostinato where these three notes la mi re, mi si la, are repeated imperturbably.


Paulin Bündgen, alto

Sébastien Wonner, harpsichord
Pascale Boquet, lute, Renaissance guitar
Denis Raisin Dadre, recorders and direction