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Roses of Ispahan

The concert proposes a dialogue between the Nuovo Stile of Caccini in the early seventeenth century and the classical Persian vocal music.

It was thanks to Bruno Caillat, an excellent zarb player and a connoisseur of Eastern music, that we first came into contact with classical Persian vocal music. The impact was immediate, and we were strongly reminded of the Nuovo stile of Caccini in the early seventeenth century. Both are intimate; expressiveness and virtuosity play a major part in them; and they show a wonderful courtly refinement, while borrowing dances and refrains from the popular repertoire.
Such comparisons provided us with a key to understanding the emotional force of Caccini’s works in the seventeenth century, the almost supernatural powers such music was said to possess, and the absence of boundary between the sacred and the secular.


Taghi Akhbari, persian singer
Marc Mauillon or Tomas Kral, baritone

Nader Aghakhani, târ
Pascale Boquet, lute & theorbo
Angélique Mauillon, triple harp
Bruno Caillat, zarb, daf, tambourine
Denis Raisin Dadre, recorders & direction

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