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Fountain of Fortune

The last fires of the chivalrous ideal through this fifteenth century court music whose subtlety and melancholy enchant us.

Born in 1409, King Rene, duke of Anjou, but also count of Provence, King of Napoli, King of Sicily, King of Jerusalem, cousin of French King Charles VII, was an eminent personality of the XVth century. He was also and especially, a fine man of letters and an active sponsor. He maintained a literary and learned Court and composed several works. This program is inspired by its Book of the Heart Possessed by Love – the visit of Love’s cemetary, the arrival to the Castle of Wrath and Sadness, the meeting of Grave Sigh – accompanied by songs and dances of Binchois, Dufay and Caron who were his contemporaries.

Through the adventures of the heart and its desire, the narrator relates us the end of a time, a sophisticated, subtle and fascinated time when dominated the chivalrous ideal.


Philippe Vallepin, narrator
Paulin Bündgen, alto
Pascale Boquet, lute
Angélique Mauillon, harp
Lucas Peres, viole da gamba
Denis Raisin Dadre, recorder and artistic direction