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Morales – Office des Ténèbres

Morales – Office des Ténèbres — Doulce Mémoire


Choix du Monde de la Musique
ffff de Télérama
5 de Diapason
Recommandé par Classica 5* de Goldberg


Anne Quentin, soprano
Marc Pontus, alto
Lucien Kande, Hugues Primard, tenor
Jean-Luc Rayon, Thierry Péteau, baritone
Philippe Roche, bass

Jérémie Papasergio, Marie-Noëlle Visse, Francis Mercet, Johanne Maître, Denis Raisin Dadre, recorders

In the Press

Le Monde de la Musique, march 2003, Jacques Amblard
“This little recording adventure is inspired from beginning to end. The performances are humble and serious, pure and mystical, especially in the choice of a perfectly peaceful tempo.”

Diapason, january 2003, Laurent Guillo
“This recording has the unusual merit of recreating the ethos of this religious period, in which the alternation of music and simple language creates a feeling of great receptivity. (The Miserere), whose twenty verses are heard in fauxbourdon, may lead to feelings approaching abandon.”