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Claude Le Jeune – Le Printemps


Monte Carlo (Monaco)

Often mentioned, often analysed (notably by Olivier Messiaen) but rarely heard, Claude Le Jeune’s Le Printemps was brazenly modern for its time.

It marked the emergence of a style in which rhythm and its effects were of prime importance: musique mesurée à l’antique, based on the alternation of long and short notes, imitating the feet in the lines of verse – verse by Antoine de Baïf, the major exponent of the poetical form known as vers mesurés (an attempt to recreate the metrical effect of ancient Greek and Latin poetry in French). Le Printemps, a perfect illustration of the connection between music and poetry, caused a stir in its day, but its influence was considerable.
Doulce Mémoire aims to bring out all the immediacy and rhythmic power of this music, which still sounds modern today.

Creation 2017
Coproduction with le Printemps des Arts de Monte Carlo



  • Monte Carlo (Monaco)


Cécile Achille, soprano
Clara Coutouly, soprano
Matthieu Peyrègne, alto
Hugues Primard, tenor
Matthieu Lelevreur, baritone
Marc Busnel, bass

Pascale Boquet, lute, renaissance guitar
Etienne Floutier, viola da gamba
Myriam Ropars, viola da gamba
Elsa Frank, recorders
Jérémie Papasergio, recorders
Denis Raisin Dadre, recorders