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Cour de la salle Ockeghem

Renaissance concert on trestles

For the return of the fine weather in 2021, Doulce Mémoire proposes a Renaissance concert performed on la Roulotte set up as a small theatre on trestles.

In a frankly joyful register, this repertoire full of grace and flavour is composed of songs and music inspired by Renaissance dances and is not without evoking the setting of the Val de Loire and its Renaissance castles, Chenonceau, Chambord, Azay-le-Rideau, etc.

With la Roulotte, Doulce Mémoire is reviving the tradition of the travelling show. It allows the ensemble to perform outdoors and in places as varied as they are surprising, in the streets and neighbourhoods of a town as well as in villages, heritage sites or unusual places.


  • Cour de la salle Ockeghem
  • Tours (France)


Véronique Bourin, soprano
Miguel Henry or Pierre-Baptiste Brioude-Dhénain, lute and renaissance guitar
Bruno Caillat, percussion
Denis Raisin Dadre, recorders

Paul Berthomé, lighting manager
Théo Jouanneau, stage manager