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The Vilain petit tournebout

Musical and family show from 6 years

“In the depths of a distant and mysterious forest, instruments lived as a family. Ancient legends told that the sounds produced by the wind in leaves had gradually transformed their branches into musical instruments. Over time, families of different shapes and sounds emerged. There were bassoons, hoboys and other strange individuals such as flageolet and csakan. One day, in the great family of nine-hole flutes, was born the Vilain petit tournebout. At first rejected by his dissonant cries, he will find, after many adventures, his own family. ”

An initiatory story where the Vilain petit tournebout learns to know himself, to accept his sounds. By rubbing against the sounds of other instruments, he will eventually build self-esteem and find his place in the music concert.



Denis Raisin Dadre, artistic direction
Philippe Vallepin, staging

Johanne Maître, shawms, dulcinas, recorders, crumhorns
Elsa Frank, shawms, dulcinas, recorders, crumhorns
Denis Raisin Dadre, shawms, dulcinas, recorders, crumhorns
Jérémie Papasergio, shawms, dulcinas, recorders, crumhorns
Bruno Caillat, percussions