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Leonardo da Vinci, the hidden music


Orléans (45)

Le Bouillon - University of Orléans

Many of Leonardo da Vinci’s contemporaries mention his love for music. As well as for his many other talents, he was famed for his accomplishments as a musician, who would improvise admirably on the lira da braccio.

For this concert, we set out in search of the hidden music of Leonardo’s paintings: music corresponding to his chosen themes or to his poetic world. Thus we present works composed by his contemporaries. Our approach was scientific, aiming to discover the music he may have heard, and also imaginative, in an attempt to see inside the mind of this great polymath.

As well as the concert version, the programme will be presented for the first time – in November 2019, in the Auditorium du Louvre (Paris) – with a visual creation by the contemporary artist Ikse Maître: a project inspired by the spirit of the late art historian Daniel Arasse, aiming to discover the painting of Leonardo through detail, and based on an imaginary hypothesis: that painting is born of music.

Premiere 2019 – CD-Book, Alpha Classics label



Clara Coutouly, soprano
Matthieu Le Levreur, baritone

Pascale Boquet, lute
Baptiste Romain or Nicolas Sansarlat, lira da braccio
Bérengère Sardin, renaissance harp
Denis Raisin Dadre, recorders and direction

Ikse Maitre, scenography