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renaissance banquet


Toulouse (31)

20:00 – Couvent des Jacobins

With The Burgundian Lifestyle we immediately think of food and drink. But what exactly happened at the court of the dukes of Burgundy? What did they eat, and how was it served? And how were their table manners?

This highly original concert spectacle brings together culinaria, dance, theatre and music. Onstage a table of honour has been laid. There is playing, singing and dancing. Research into historical dance, music and cuisine lies at the heart of this production.

Master of ceremonies and culinary publicist Onno Kleyn leads us through a production that greatly resembles an exciting documentary, from the Service de Tourtes et des Pastés until the Service des Issues. And who knows? Perhaps as a spectator you will also be served some small delicacy.


  • Couvent des Jacobins
  • Toulouse (31)


Denis Raisin Dadre, musical and artistic direction
Philippe Vallepin, staging
Hubert Hazebroucq, choreagraphy
Onno Kleyn, master of ceremony

Hubert Hazebrcouq, Irène Feste, renaissance danse
Jean-Baptiste Diot, juggling

Christophe Baska, alto
Romain Dayez, baritone
Pascale Boquet, lute, renaissance guitare
Elsa Frank, Denis Raisin Dadre, Johanne Maître, Jérémie Papasergio, bombarde, doulçaine, recorders
Rémi Lecorché, sackbut, recorders
Bruno Caillat, percussions